Nightmare in the Country Brings the Screams

In most haunted attractions the fun begins when people enter the haunted house, but at Nightmare in the Country, the fun begins as soon as people enter the premises.  

Creatures that look like they came straight out of a student’s worst nightmare walk around ready scare any passerby. These nightmarish creatures are also willing to take photos or photobomb any pictures students and their friends will take. 

Nightmare in the Country features two main attractions, one being a Civil War manor built on an ancient Indian burial ground. The other being a carnival of fear, with smiling clowns who never stop laughing.  

The name Nightmare in the Country is such a fitting name for this attraction because that is exactly what it is, a nightmare, with truly haunting characters that look like they have come back from the dead and haunted houses with a scare awaiting each twist and turn.