Top 5 Things To Do in Oklahoma Around Halloween


Top 5 things to do in Oklahoma around Halloween time

1. There are a lot of haunted houses in Oklahoma. Here are some places in Oklahoma where they are:
Weatherford, Oklahoma–P Bar Farms
Enid, Oklahoma–Nightmare Warehouse
Guthrie, Oklahoma–Guthrie Haunts
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma–Sanctuary Haunted Attraction. This is not the only one in Oklahoma City, but one worth trying.

2. Some people may think that haunted houses are way better than corn mazes, and others may think the opposite, but haunted corn mazes are where you can go through a field of corn while people hide in the corn and try to scare you. Corn mazes are welcome to all ages, but just know they may get scary.

3. Pumpkin patches aren’t as scary as haunted houses or corn mazes, but they are really fun. Pumpkin patches are where you can go with your family and enjoy your time together. Orr Family Farms has it all. It is located by Moore, Oklahoma, and it has many attractions such as train rides, zip lines, hayrides, and even pig races.

4. Fright Fest is a haunted attraction in Oklahoma City at the amusement park, Frontier City. Every night, there is a parade and a new opening show. As soon as it gets dark around the park, you can go into the many haunted houses and even ride the rides with scary characters. They do not recommend children under 12 years old to go into these houses, but rather the children can go to the Timber Town family area.

5. If you like to trick or treating while also liking animals, then trick or treating around the Oklahoma City Zoo is the best thing for you. The Oklahoma City Zoo holds its annual Haunt the Zoo. At Haunt the Zoo, you can go on a pathway through the zoo to see the animals, and also get candy.