Finding Out I Had COVID


Trying not to die, Kylie Nix felt terrible during COVID

It was a normal Sunday afternoon, but little did I know my life was going to change.
I realized something was wrong early in the afternoon, my sister was complaining about a bad smell, but I could not smell anything, I assumed I just had a stuffy nose.
Later, my sister and I went to town and I got a drink and chocolate candy. I took a sip of my drink and thought it tasted weird, like it was just fizz. Then I ate my candy which tasted like nothing, so I asked Kenzi to try it and she said it tasted fine. I soon came to the conclusion that I could not taste or smell anything.

I then texted my friend who had COVID, and she said that I probably had COVID. As soon as I got home, I asked my mom if I should get tested and she said yes. We made an appointment in Weatherford.

The test sucked. It really stung when they jammed the huge Q-tip up my nose, but it really only hurt for like three minutes. I got the rapid test, which means that I would have my results out in 15-20 minutes. It was a long 20 minutes just waiting. Then a special doctor came in and told me I had COVID. I ended up getting Mcdonald’s, though, so that made me feel better.

It was a very weird beginning of the week. I was tired, I took at least 5 naps a day. I would set an alarm for in between each class, so I could wake up on time. I don’t even know how to describe not smelling or tasting anything.

I was not allowed downstairs in my own home. Anytime I needed something, I would text my mom, and she would bring it up. It was not fun at the beginning because I was always tired and did not want to do anything. Surprisingly I only missed three classes.

Something that was really hard was not smelling or tasting. It was awful because I would basically eat something for the texture, but that didn’t stop me from asking my mom for McDonald’s every day. Pop tasted like fizzy water. When I got really bored I would try to guess sucker flavors.
Not being able to smell is something different. I never knew if I smelled bad or if my clothes stunk. I couldn’t even smell Mcdonald’s.