Activities to Enjoy During the Holiday Season

Buddy The Elf makes an appearance at the Nix house.

December is the time of giving and getting, with plenty of things to do and little time. Visiting family, eating cookies, and decorating the tree make the month worthwhile, but there are other activities to enjoy before the season is over.   

  1. Have a movie marathon with friends. When the weather gets cold and parents finally stop complaining about how you’re always inside and never go out and do anything, it’s the perfect time to watch a cheesy Hallmark movie with hot chocolate.
  2. Go to Bricktown in Oklahoma City. The Christmas decorations are immaculate. Although it may be freezing, it is definitely worth the trip, and for the best experience go at night.
  3. Build a gingerbread house. Even though they never look good, or come out looking anything like they do on the box, it is a fun holiday experience. Just make sure there are plenty of frosting and decorations because they never put enough in the kit.
  4. Drive through wealthy neighborhoods and look at their lights. They always have these spectacular decorations and displays, and as a bonus,  it’s free. There may not be that many wealthy neighborhoods to drive through around the Canton area, but there are many to visit within a 40-minute drive. 
  5. Go to the tree lighting in Canton. They announce prize winners from drawings local customers entered by shopping in town. There is even a Santa who people can take pictures with. The Canton High School Choir makes an appearance to sing Christmas carols. There is usually hot chocolate too.