Weezer Continues to Amaze

On January 29, 2021, Weezer will release one of their two albums that will become available this year. The first album that is being released is called OK Human.

From the looks of it, OK Human is going to be just as good as their other albums. Weezer has always been one of my favorite bands, and they continue to stay at the top of my list. I think they stay at the top because they keep the same sound and don’t change their style. Weezer released a song from the OK Human album early so people can get a feel for what the album will be like. The song is called “All My Favorite Songs,” and it honestly gives a good sense of hope for this new album. 

The song starts off with a weird flute or some woodwind instrument playing a strange beat. Then after the “woodwind solo”, the lyrics and other instruments kick in and it begins to sound like a regular Weezer song. The song has many lyrics that people can relate to. Some of those lyrics include, “All my favorite people make me mad,” “I love parties, but I don’t go,” and “I like spacin’ out when somebody talks.” I hope the rest of the album will be as good as “All My Favorite Songs.”

The other album that Weezer is releasing this year is called Van Weezer. This album is set to be released on May 7, 2021. The release of this album has been changed twice, so I really hope that this album gets released when they say it will. Weezer has released two songs from this album to be reviewed by their fans. The names of the songs are “Hero” and “The End of the Game.”

“The End of the Game” was the first song released early, and I remember when it came out that I loved it so much. I listened to it on repeat for hours on end. Then they eventually released the other song, “Hero.” This song is just as good as the other, so I know this album is going to be one of the greatest Weezer albums ever made.

The Van Weezer album is going to be a tribute to the rock legend, Eddie Van Halen, who passed away last year. The album was in the making before the passing of Van Halen, but after hearing the rock legend was in a better place the band decided to make the album a tribute to him.

Van Halen is one of my guitar heroes, along with Daron Malakian, Rivers Cuomo, Kirk Hammett, and Billie Joe Armstrong. I have many other guitar heroes, but these are just a few. The idea of combining Van Halen inspired riffs with a classic Weezer song just gives me chills. I think the only thing better would be a collaboration between Weezer and System of a Down, which is my favorite band of all time. So, to sum all of this up, the Van Weezer album is more than likely going to blow the minds of many people.

I know that Weezer may just look like a garage band of dads, but they do make pretty good music. Ever since I had listened to “Buddy Holly” I knew Weezer was going to be one of my favorite bands. Their weird lyrics mixed with awesome guitar playing just makes me want to see them live. Maybe I will eventually get to see them live, but for now, I will just have to live with listening to their new albums.