A Single Person’s Guide on How to Have Fun on Valentines Day

Let’s be honest, Valentine’s day was a day made for couples to rub it in single people’s faces that their lives are better. Here’s how to still have fun on Valentine’s day, while being single. 

1. Eat your body weight in chocolate. 

What’s better than chocolate, definitely not having someone who loves you. Plus, who cares how much weight you gain, because it’s not like you’re trying to impress anyone. My personal favorite type of chocolate is dark chocolate. It reminds me there is something more bitter than my tears.     

2. Scroll through hours and hours of Tik Tok. 

I can not think of a better way to spend Valentines day than alone in my darkroom with nothing but the comfort of a weighted blanket and a fan while I scroll through endless videos of couples living their best life. 

3. Cause chaos. 

Let’s face it, if you cannot be happy then why should anyone else? One simple but effective way to cause chaos is by simply creating a candy monopoly. All you need to do is buy all the Valentines candy from Dollar General and then sell the candy to all the people who waited until the last minute at a higher price than you bought it.   

4. Be your own secret admirer. 

If you feel like you must have a Valentines this year, just be your own. Not only does this give a certain tone of mystery, but it also makes you feel wanted. I would recommend splurging on a bunch of cheap one dollar candy and sending it all separately to yourself to make it seem you have multiple admirers.  

5. Play Cupid. 

Just because you are single does not mean you do not know a cute couple when you see one, so all you have to do is buy a Valentine for one of them, and say it’s from the other person. Nothing is better than seeing the pure confusion and distress on their faces. This one really shows what the true spirit of Valentine’s day is about.