Can’t Afford the Wire


It is time to answer the biggest question of 2019 so far. Are Airpods worth the price? When I bought my Airpods, it was the day after I received my paycheck and it definitely was not an easy decision. I was only going to have thirty dollars to last me the next two weeks, but this would be my only opportunity to buy them for a long time. So after about fifteen minutes of soul-searching, I decided to get them.

I realized on my way home that I was going to love them. This was one of the best purchases I had ever made. The wireless Bluetooth allows medium range connection. Since the two earpieces are not connected, if I want a friend to listen to a new song, I don’t have to be right next to him, possibly spreading cold and flu. There are also controls on the earpiece.

As a default, both earpieces are both set so that a double tap on the outside of them activates Siri, but I can customize them to do many other things such as pause, skip the song, and play the previous song. The Airpods also have a microphone inside them that allows me to talk on the phone with only one Airpod in my ear.

Airpods provide an easy Bluetooth connection to the iPhone that they last were connected to. Whenever I open the case, a pop up opens on my iPhone, showing the battery of the Airpods themselves and the charging case automatically connects them to the iPhone.

Airpods use the same charger as the newer iPhones and they come with a charging case, so I  just put them in the charging case and they charge up. The charging case can give up to twenty-four hours of listening time.

Airpods also have skins which are just stickers that can be stuck to them to give them a more personalized feel. I like the Bluetooth, but if a listener is worried about them falling out, there is a cord that connects them together so that they will not be lost as easily.

I can also use the Find My iPhone app to locate my last used location and even make them make a noise.

Airpods also offer a live listen function which was initially made for hearing aids but if I set the phone in the other room, I can listen in on other people. This is helpful when I know my parents are going to talk about possible punishments for something I have done.

When one Airpod is removed, the other is paused. I don’t miss out on part of my favorite songs.

So if you love music and happen to have an extra $180,  I would highly suggest getting a pair of Airpods.

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