Magic Mirror


Alexis Beckner, Reporter

In 2013, the creepiest movie came out to spook audiences everywhere. Oculus is about a mirror that can induce hallucinations. The movie hits people in their fears, with a mirror that can show the future, the spirit world, or even force people to harm themselves, making viewers want to cover every mirror in their house.

Oculus switches between flashbacks of the past and the present. Young Tim and Kaylie watch as their dad brings home an antique mirror. The kids start noticing strange things happening with the mirror, The house plants start wilting, and the family dog vanishes after getting locked in the office with the mirror.

Tim and Kaylie’s parents are murdered after having mirror-induced hallucinations. Tim is blamed for his dad’s death and is sent away to a mental health institution. Eleven years later, Tim is released and is reunited with his sister, Kaylie who is obsessed with proving the mirror has supernatural powers while Tim tries to tell her that the mirror is ordinary.

The movie can be found on Netflix and on Hulu, with a rating of three out of five stars. Oculus is a must see movie for those who love the supernatural.