Best Podcasts To Listen To Across the Genres

Although not everyone might fancy it, listening to podcasts is something many people do. Maybe it’s just to fall asleep, to get caught up on recent news, or to have politics dumbed down. Whatever the reason, podcasts exist and a lot of them exist too, with tons of different genres, so that’s why this list is here to help potential listeners find some of the best podcasts to listen to. 

My Favorite Murder

This podcast, hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, is a weekly podcast that consists of true crime and sometimes comedic jokes. The stories are always intriguing and manage to take twists that can surprise the listeners. All in all, a great podcast and is a great recommendation to the newcomers of podcasts and true crime/mystery lovers.


This podcast is a definite for news and history junkies. This podcast is an audio documentary that consists of the truth about politics, power, what really happened during the United State’s most definitive moments in history.

The Joe Rogan Experience 

The Joe Rogan Experience is a very funny podcast, as comedian Joe Rogan hosts it. He not only makes the topics he talks about interesting but whenever he interviews someone, he brings up good points and manages to change the point of view on a lot of questions. This podcast is a definite recommendation to anyone who wants to laugh or wants to spice up their day with something interesting.

The Daily

This news podcast stays right on point, always. The host, Micheal Barbaro, breaks down the biggest news of the day in a way listeners can truly understand. If people looking to get caught up on all the recent events, this podcast should be their go-to.

TED Radio Hour

This podcast consists of motivational speeches and how-to’s for how to get started on things. Like the normal TED talks, this podcast is made to not only bring people with great upcoming ideas into the spotlight but to also entertain and inform the listeners. If inspiration is what a person is looking for, it’s all right here.

The Alarmist

For the history buffs out there, this podcast is for the real deal. Focusing on huge catastrophes that happened in the past, this podcast looks into how these problems started, what exactly went wrong, and how they could’ve been prevented. Providing a couple of laughs, this podcast is really interesting and worth a listen.

The Trend Reporter

The name on this podcast explains it all. Hosted by Mara Schiavocampo, this podcast is all about the latest trends on many fronts, including beauty, style, and more. The podcast is fun to listen to and is very informative as it gives listeners what the trend is and how to catch on in an easy way to understand. A great podcast for both the average person and trendsetter.